What is The Higher Practice Mastermind?

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{Where practitioners connect, fill their practices, and become exceptional business owners}

The Higher Practice Mastermind is difficult to capture with words... goes to the very core of why you became a therapist or another type of healing arts professional.

There's a longing to help people in profound ways, while experiencing the financial success you desire and the personal freedom you dream of. 

As therapists, one of the most common things I hear is, “it's difficult to meet enough people like me.” 

Deep down that's how the majority of us feel. 

We feel like we are different, driven by an insatiable hunger for personal and professional growth.

And whether you are starting a private practice or growing an already existing one, you're also an entrepreneur. You know that the only way to feel fulfilled in your purpose is to serve the types of clients you're designed to help and to do it on your own terms. 

Many of your colleagues don't believe that it's possible to help clients from a genuine place while also experiencing prosperity in their lives. They say either, "it's too difficult" or "it's not appropriate in our profession to want it all."

Maybe you’ve found professional communities that focus on the development of clinical skills, but they are lacking the hunger for business growth. 

The Higher Practice Mastermind is a place where practitioners come together to learn how to grow highly successful practices and to connect with like-minded individuals. Here you can achieve your potential in business, personal development, finances, and become the unique and exceptional practicioner you were born to be.

It's a community where you are supported, coached and held accountable to fulfilling your highest purpose.

Over the last few years, Higher Practice has tested and developed educational, marketing and coaching resources to create the most effective method for therapists, coaches and other professionals who want to succeed in private practice.

The Higher Practice Mastermind is our most comprehensive program ever created for those who are ready to reach their potential.

You don't need to do this alone. When we collaborate and grow as a community, we succeed.











Name: Alison Greiner, LCSW 

Objective: Create a thriving private practice using authentic marketing techniques in a highly competitive location in Los Angeles, California.

Samantha Siegel, LPCC

“Keith and Higher Practice has provided tremendous value to my practice. Although I have been in practice for 12 years, I had hit a low point. I was feeling unmotivated, my practice had shrunk, I was unsure whether to move onto a new career. Keith has provided me with incredible support, marketing and networking ideas, and most importantly a renewed passion for being a therapist. 

In the past 8 months, my practice has quadrupled, I have a beautiful new website, a marketing plan and overall I’m remembering what I love about being a therapist! I highly recommend his services.”

Name: Samantha Siegel, LPCC

Objective: Create a thriving private practice focused on children and teens using local and online marketing techniques in a highly competitive location in Boulder, Colorado.

Alison Greiner, LCSW

“I knew when I decided to go into private practice that I was going to need a lot of help, and I am so grateful to have been coached by Keith and Higher Practice. With his guidance and the comprehensive business course, I was able to not only get the foundation of my practice in place in a short period of time, but, in just under a year, build a full and thriving practice. 

His coaching helped me with the practicalities of owning a business (such as creating a PLLC, budgeting and money, website and copy, and time management), as well as with the personal barriers I encountered as I navigated an incredibly vulnerable new beginning. I can honestly say that without Keith’s knowledge and compassionate presence and guidance, I would not be where I am today! Thank you Keith!”

Real Results

Although the practical marketing skills were extremely important, the emotional growth was hands down the most rewarding. I am more cognizant of myself and how my own limiting beliefs can have a negative impact on my practice growth. I could go on and on but, overall, I truly enjoyed my time learning from Keith as a coach. He is funny, engaging and he tells it like it is. Keith’s direct feedback for improving my practice was invaluable. He has a calm, compassionate and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. I can’t speak highly enough of his coaching!"

Name: Dr. Melissa Moore, Psy.D., LSSP

Objective: Transition from a full-time employee position into building a thriving group practice in a highly competitive location in Houston, Texas.

Real Solutions

"I signed up for the Higher Practice Coaching Program hoping to improve my private practice…

But I left with vastly more.

Keith helped me learn about myself and how my own “psychology” was getting in the way of my overall business growth. In addition, he offered great insights and knowledge on how to effectively grow my private practice. Just to name a few added bonuses, I learned how to use content to engage web visitors and how to strategically develop a plan to market my practice and services. One simple example was how he offered specific suggestions on how I can improve my “About” page on my webpage. After making those changes I immediately received feedback from two new clients saying that they really resonated with my bio and it seemed like I could really help them!

Name: Amy Taft, LPC

Objective: Transition from an employee position into building a thriving practice practice in a rural area in Cameron, Missouri.

"Before I started working with Keith and the Higher Practice Program, I was pretty stuck. I was seeing only 5 or 6 clients a week and having to work an additional part-time job just to make ends meet. I knew I needed to either commit to my practice or let it go, because I was tired of feeling disappointed and discouraged all the all the time.

The accountability and support Keith provided helped me stay focused, gain marketing wisdom, and overcome some of the psychological barriers I was facing. I just hit a full-time caseload and have quit my part-time job. I feel incredibly empowered to be doing what I love and busting through my goals. Higher Practice has helped me more than I could have imagined and I cannot thank Keith enough for his guidance."

And So We Present...


This nine-month life-altering program guides mental health clinicians, coaches, massage therapists and other professionals who are feeling lost, confused, unsure, afraid, and insecure about achieving their potential in private practice. It turns them into powerful and confident professionals who know themselves deeply, are on the path to clinical mastery, and are claiming lives of personal and financial abundance.

If you are a professional who feels:

  • Afraid to make the transition from an organization or other business to private practice
  • Scared that you won't make enough money if you work for yourself
  • Concerned that you have no clue where to start
  • Desire to scale your current practice but uncertain about how to reach your potential
  • Terrified of marketing and putting yourself out there
  • At your wits end because you keep turning to negative patterns that hold you back

Then join us for this personally and professionally transformative program.

The Higher Practice Mastermind is a personal and professional development program for professionals who love healing and mean business. 

It's designed for therapists, coaches and other healing arts professionals who take life seriously, whether at home or in the office, and are committed to receiving the help they need in order to reach their highest potential in crafting a life of purpose and fulfillment. Don't make a lack of money a reason to stop yourself from what you're truly capable of achieving.

By going through this online program and applying the concepts, methods and skills, you will be a changed practitioner and can expect:

  • Proficiency in hard business skills such as local and online marketing and administration
  • To brand yourself in a genuine and specialized manner to set yourself apart from the competition
  • Direction and a renewed sense of purpose and energy around your work
  • Connection with like-minded colleagues that believe in service, transformation and human potential 
  • To overcome the emotional blocks that get in the way of reaching your goals
  • To learn how to fill your practice with consistent clients
  • Transformation from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance
  • A step-by-step process for how to build a six-figure practice



Monthly Sessions



2 ~ 60 Minute Video Chats Per Month

Keith Kurlander will teach via webcam on topics related to building, growing, and filling your practice, as well as professional development. Ask questions and connect with other mastermind practitioners in a live format who are growing their practices.  

Unlimited Access



1 ~ 60 Minute Video Chat Per Month

Accountability Partner

One mastermind session per month is reserved for hot seats. This is a time where Keith will go deeper into participants' individual situations. Learn from what's working for others and share your personal successes and questions.  

You will be assigned an accountability and support partner from the mastermind group that's a best "fit" based on your goals. It's recommended that you schedule two conversations a month to receive feedback, practice exercises, and stay accountable to your assignments.


As a NBCC accredited provider, you can receive CE hours for our business and clinical courses in the Higher Practice Institute. Depending on your state's requirements, it's possible to fulfill your entire CE hours for licensure renewal while in this program.


9 Month Membership


As part of your mastermind experience, you will receive a nine-month membership to the Higher Practice Institute. We will use lessons from our comprehensive Business Mastery Course as a step-by-step process to private practice success.  

Connect with practitioners in the forum. Meet like-minded individuals wanting to grow a practice, while staying committed to personal growth and clinical development. Share your knowledge to position yourself as an expert, ask questions and get it answered by the community.

"Keith and the rest of his team are not only amazing business consultants with real-life solutions, they are also incredible people that inspire me to fulfill my vision as a psychiatrist."

Dr. William Van Derveer, Colorado

What Practitioners Are Saying...

"Using the program and curriculum offered through Higher Practice has allowed me to see the shortcomings that were ubiquitous in my practice. I have incorporated the marketing strategy of Facebook advertising, creating a logo, and really getting in touch with what my mission statement is. I have been able to incorporate many of my new objectives into my private practice. I thank you so much for the information learned through Higher Practice."

Jeremy Allen, Washington


"Higher Practice was the spark I needed to move my part-time practice into the full-time career I'd been hoping for. The training invited me to look at my work from a whole new perspective resulting in a return to the heart and soul of my therapy practice. Now the clients who are drawn to my work are finding me."

Teresa Barrett, Colorado

Your Business Coach and Consultant

Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC is the founder and CEO of Higher Practice. He's facilitating your mastermind program with two decades of combined experience in business administration, marketing, group facilitation, keynote speaking, teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, yoga and meditation instruction, massage therapyand as a licensed professional counselor in private practice. His unique background in business administration and counseling has enabled him to become highly successful as a mission-driven entrepreneur and teaches others to do the same.

Keith Kurlander

CEO + Founder

Higher Practice

More Success Stories...

"Having Keith as my business coach definitely helped to transform my practice. He guided me through the process of updating my website and was invaluable with his support. He helped to brainstorm what strategies would work best to grow my practice. I'm happy to report that business is booming! I know my success is tied to the work I did with Higher Practice."

Katie Markley, Colorado

"The lessons from the Higher Practice training are so practical and effective! I've gained a great deal of clarity around my practice by completing and implementing even just a FEW of the exercises and tips. It truly covers ALL aspects of creating and running a private therapy practice.THANK YOU!!!"

Karla Kelpin, Minnesota

"My work with Keith and the Higher Practice training was profoundly eye opening. I had worked with other business coaches but he was the first one who was also a trained therapist. The knowledge and insight he offered directly to me met me in a very deep place to get honest about how I hold myself back and struggle to relate to my business. 

He spoke my language and even provided new language. I'm so grateful I had a helpful guide who could bring a level of soulfulness, as well as practical steps that helped my business grow. I would continue working with Keith any chance I got and I highly recommend you try him as well!"

Erin Anderson, Colorado

We all need reality checks. Insights. A new perspective. And a plan that works so you can focus on taking action. That's why I'm offering a free discovery call to help you get the ball rolling and to answer your questions about how the mastermind will help you fill your practice and how to gain confidence as an exceptional practitioner.


Are you ready to make a quantum leap in your career?


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